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Blog-hopping--Four Questions for the Writer

Kindred Rites
This is all writer Laura Anne Gilman's fault. After being tagged herself in an ongoing blog hop, she generously spread the love. She tagged me to answer the following questions:

1) What am I working on?

I have several things going on right now. I am editing Spiral Path, which is the working title for the next Alfreda Sorensson novel. It has been peered at by first readers, and I am now slaying hydras and clarifying everything I rolled through on my way to the end. Plus--I have been charged to put in everything I just planted, intentionally or not, and planned to use later. No, no, use it NOW my first reader said. So, I will.

There's a short Nuala piece waiting for me to return to it, about a character who would show up in the third Darame book, should that ever come to pass. Next will be an urban/rural fantasy Ive been researching for years. And there's a completed first draft of a cozy mystery that needs its ghost put back in. (Some mystery houses dislike ghost stories. Imagine that.)

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
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Next up, when they are ready to answer these questions:

Writer Jennifer Stevenson writes everything from literary magical realism (mythic tales of trailer trash sex goddesses) to humorous tales of a decidedly odd urban fantasy universe set in Hinky Chicago. She also writes about slacker demons!

Writer Barb Caffrey writes humor, romance, and SFmilspec. Yup, you read that correctly. Her first novel, An Elfy on the Loose, is comic fantasy craziness, and she is also continuing the Joey Mavrick military fiction that she and her late husband Michael wrote.
Tea -- the universal cure (ask the Docto
So I am supposed to be answering questions for an interview. I was asked this:

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Ah...totally rocks the Bechdel Test? Examines power as a metaphor?

How does my work differ? (Writers are usually bad at figuring this out for themselves...)
Winter_Mette's Glogg

A Survival Guide for the Hyper Focused

Once I read through a house catching on fire.


After it was all over, and I made a comment that indicated that I’d totally missed the guys setting the sawdust pile in the attached garage on fire, my hostess calmly said she was glad to know about this superpower of mine. Now she knew that should the place ever catch on fire again, she needed to slap me on the shoulder as she ran by with the kids.

I suspect I am not the only reader capable of phenomenal powers of concentration. This trait also shows up when I am writing.This talent, if you will, requires special tools and skills, especially in the kitchen. I know more than one writer who has boiled kettles or saucepans dry, burned things in the oven, or cut off a fingernail chopping vegetables. As an expert at trying to injure myself, may I offer up a few suggestions?
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Next time, let's talk about timers, because timing is everything.
Mystery/SF/romantic threads+ writer Stephanie Osborn was kind enough to ask if I'd like to write about an Element of Storytelling: Romance. And when she asked "How does romance fit as an element of modern storytelling?" I thought, As a subtle puzzle piece.

So I wrote a few words. I have to go fight today in the clone wars, but you can check it out!

Chapter Four Down

Edit on Chapter Four is done. What little I accomplished on the taxes took way too long. Now I have to cook lunch for tomorrow, which got lost in the shuffle, hit shower and try sleep.

Wishing you all sweet dreams...

More joys of Windows 8 (point 1)

Agatha Heterodyne
You know how the entire point of this new update is touching things--screens, phones, apps?

When I use the touchpad on my laptop, I have all sorts of software that came pre-installed on this computer that leaps to help me do myriad things--even when I was JUST TRYING TO SCROLL ACROSS THE SCREEN.

Bill Gates has been quoted as saying that CTRL-ALT-DEL was supposed to have been an internal command for developers only. If I could not get to the Task Manager and close down crap I never asked to open, I would have sold stock last year to dump this otherwise perfectly good new Toshiba and bought a Mac.

So. All hail CTRL-ALT-DEL!

The Roots of Middle-Earth...

...are in Tolkien's life, of course.

In pictures.

Thanks to writer Bill Crider (of Sheriff Rhodes' fame!) for finding this series!

Aux barracades mes amies!

They attempt acquisition, but we at Book View Cafe will resist with our last breath!

And dragons!
Allie and I are going to go blow a few things up.

A Blast From the Past....Fireflies.

Polar Lights

So I can find them and watch when my IP provider is not choking my download.

Introducing the Firefly Time-Lapse!

Shot primarily over the Summer of 2013 at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and around my hometown of Grand Ledge, Michigan. I used every trick I have up my sleeve to pull this off. Image stacking, 360 degree startrail panoramas, and even a macro love scene! Hold on to your seats these fireflies fly by pretty quick!

Fireflies just bless you with their presence, light up, make love, and call it a life.


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